wheeled solar-powered motor drive for swimming pool enclosure by Akia France System
Gate motor drive in very windy area featuring AKIA wheeled automation equipment
wheeled solar-powered motor drive for swimming pool deck cover by Akia France System
Revolving swing doors automated with Akia France wheeled motor drives

Akia France for your gate and swimming pool enclosure motor drives

9 route de Tarbes

64320 Ousse


Téléphone : 33-559 13 15 16 

Fax : 33-559 13 83 71

AKIA France has provided you with wheeled motor drives since 1993, CE certified and under warranty.

Please contact us if you want to select automation equipment suitable for your gate, to find out whether your swimming pool enclosure can be motorised or to order a spare part

We will be delighted to help you.


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