A motor drive for your gate, for everyday comfort

If you would like to motorise your gate or if your gate is difficult to automate, too big, too heavy, on a slope too steep, in a very windy area, etc.

AKIA System’s motor drive is the solution you need.


You are looking for a fast, unobtrusive, quiet system which gives you complete satisfaction for a very long time…

Maintenance free for many years…


We have developed a range of wheeled automation equipment for all types of swing or sliding gates, for domestic, industrial or collective use, with no size, weight or opening angle restrictions.

Swing gate motor drive with AKIA wheeled automation equipment

All our motor drives are scalable. We can, subject to review, provide you with a solution suited to your most specific requirements. 


Since 1993, solutions to motorise all gates. Find out about our kits !

AKIA System gate motor drive ideal for all circumstances

Motor drive for heavy UK castle gate with AKIA wheeled automation equipment

Motorise a heavy gate

It is possible to motorise a castle gate with AKIA System wheeled automation equipment.

Motor drive for wide gate in Spain with AKIA wheeled automation equipment

Motorise a wide gate

20 m wide gate automated with a wheeled motor drive AKIA System, the solution.

Motor drive gate on sloping ground with AKIA wheeled automation equipment

Motorise a gate sloping ground

Steep slope and motor drive installed using AKIA System wheeled automation equipment.

Motor drive for gate in very windy area with AKIA wheeled automation equipment

Gate in windy area

Gates can also be motorised in very windy areas with a wheeled motor drive AKIA .

Benefits of AKIA System wheeled automation equipment

AKIA System wheeled motor drives provide a reliable and sustainable system, which has been on the market for more than 25 years.


They operate smoothly on all structures, from the lightest to the heaviest, but also on all surfaces as well as on sloping ground. They are designed for heavy-duty operation in local authorities and businesses.

There are even more benefits :

  • 180° opening angle
  • Outward opening
  • Partial, time-delayed opening to allow pedestrians to pass
  • Travel stop deceleration
  • Safety stop upon detection of an obstacle at any point of the gate
  • Safety lock system upon closing
  • Fast and quiet 
  • The very unobtrusive cover of the motor module is made of polyester and can be painted in the same colour as the gate. It slips onto the frame and is easily removed.
  • Perfect grip of the wheels thanks to ground pressure generated by gas struts
  • Possibility of dual gas struts to withstand high wind forces
  • Low voltage operation - 24 V
  • Battery operated in the event of a power cut
  • Simple and quick installation and programming
  • Positioned at the end of the leaf which supports it and generates greater traction than an arm or ram by avoiding all stress.
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Thermo-galvanised frames, stainless steel axes and screws
  • All components can be replaced
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty 

Our wheeled motor drives are manufactured in France and we give preference to local artisans or industrial companies to manufacture our components.

We can study specific assemblies for special cases and special structures (biased switch, remote electronics or locking, etc.).