Revolving swing doors automated with Akia France wheeled motor drives

AKIA France has more than 25 years’ experience in wheeled motor drives. A solution for all gates and swimming pool enclosures and for all situations, with our motor drive kits.


Get creative with our motor drives; you can even motorise revolving doors!


If you are a professional seeking as much information as possible, we are at your disposal. In any case, if you have any questions, please contact us.


Adaptability of AKIA’s wheeled motor drive kits

All our AKIA System motor drive kits are extremely adaptable, which means:

  • Quick and simple installation without modification of transformation.
  • Simple programming in a single operation described in the installation instructions.  
  • They can be adapted to all types of structure, already in place or to be installed.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of length or weight of the structure (gate, swimming pool enclosure), insofar as it can be normally operated by hand.

To enjoy the comfort of AKIA wheeled motor drives in all circumstances, consider our solar option.

AKIA’s wheeled motor drive kit solutions for

Swing gate

Discover all our wheeled motor drive kits for swing gates for domestic, collective and industrial use.


Swing gate motorised with AKIA wheeled automation equipment

Sliding gate

You will find a solution for all heavy, wide sliding gates, gates on sloping ground, etc. with our AKIA kits.


Sliding gate motorised with AKIA wheeled automation equipment

Swimming pool cover

Above-ground or flat swimming pool cover;

find the AKIA wheeled motor drive kit you need.


swimming pool cover motorised with an AKIA wheeled motor drive

Principle and functioning of AKIA wheeled motor drives AKIA

AKIA wheeled automation equipment is fast, quiet and reliable. It offers excellent functional quality.

  • Our kits work perfectly on inclined gates: motor power and perfect grip of the wheels on the surface.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of opening angle of the leaves (up to 180° and more if the gate allows it)
  • Motor drive kits work perfectly on all swing gates that are too heavy or wide for arm or ram systems.
  • For sliding gates, no more racks to be installed and managed!
  • Ideal for very light structures (aluminium, PVC). Complete lack of stress and very easily fitted: screwed directly into the structure without causing any damage.
  • The kit also works on a swing gate whose leaves open outwards or in both directions.
  • An AKIA wheeled motor drive kit with dual ground pressure strut is recommended for structures exposed to the wind (100% of the thrust force).
  • The kits can be fitted on all leaf gates contiguous to a wall which open completely.

All our AKIA wheeled motor drive kits come with a cable connecting the motors to the electronic cabinet, two 4-function remote controls and detailed installation instructions

We provide you with specific kits designed for collective, industrial use and all time-delayed or automatic closing mechanisms.


Traction of AKIA wheeled automation equipment

Traction is generated by a motive power module attached to the end of every leaf.


The driving force is applied in the right place and the right direction. A low-voltage electrical geared motor drives a wheel which is directly attached to its axle.


This unit is articulated to absorb surface irregularities and differences in level.


Wheel pressure on the ground is applied by gas strut. This pressure can be adjusted. It is permanent and adapts to all structures. It guarantees a perfect grip.

As a result, this force alleviates the leaves and relieves pressure on the gate, while at a standstill or in motion, without generating any stress.


This results in extremely smooth operation and a significantly longer life span of the gates equipped with this automation equipment as well as their fastenings.



Power of AKIA’s motors

The motors’ power is modulated according to the needs, but is always sufficient.

It adapts to all situations. Very light aluminium or PVC gates, fragile or old gates do not need strengthening.

Our system supports them while relieving pressure. It can be directly screwed to the structures without causing any damage.


Electrically operated

The entire installation runs on a low voltage.

It is self-sufficient thanks to its battery. Power comes from a dual source, transformer + batteries, for 230 Volt power supply systems, and from battery reserves for sliding gates and the solar option.

In the event of a recharge power failure, battery reserves guarantees normal domestic operation for several days, ensuring comfort for all.