Various models for all types of telescopic enclosure and rolling deck

AKIA System has designed and manufactured wheeled motor drives since 1993. Since 2008, AKIA System has designed and sold a range of motor drives for telescopic swimming pool enclosures suitable for all situations, from the lightest to the largest structures. These motor drives, which provide scalable power, can meet all requirements.


  • Various models for all types of telescopic enclosure and rolling deck
  • Speedy installation
  • Speed of operation
  • Self-sufficient operation with solar panel and batteries
  • Non-carrying drive wheel 
  • Perfect grip on all dry and wet surfaces
  • Absorbs surface irregularities and differences in level
swimming pool deck motorised with AKIA System

The basis of our motor drives (which have been in operation for years on the heaviest gates and in the most extreme conditions) and the principle applied allow us to offer a 5-year manufacturer warranty, identical to that of our gate automation equipment.


With the development of rolling decks to cover swimming pools, we can, subject to review, provide you with the motor drive best suited to your structure.

Core benefits of the AKIA SYSTEM technique for motorising swimming pool telescopic enclosures

The overriding benefit of AKIA System’s motor drives lies in the non-carrying drive wheel technique.

The traction generated by wheels on articulated arms guarantees a perfect grip and helps absorb surface irregularities, differences in level while clearing minor obstacles.

This technique ensures harmonious, regular movement on both sides of the enclosure. It compensates for any surface deformation or degradation and guarantees effective operation for many years.

Soft rubber wheels ensure very good adhesion to stabilised, dry or wet surfaces, made of various materials or wooden slats.

Gas struts ensure these wheels apply continued and regular pressure on the ground.


Low, flat telescopic swimming pool enclosure motorised with AKIA wheeled motor drives

Flat swimming pool enclosure

High, flat telescopic swimming pool enclosure motorised with AKIA wheeled motor drives

High and heavy enclosure

Above-ground swimming pool enclosures motorised by AKIA France wheeled automation equipment

Above-ground enclosure

A motor drive using a carrying wheel loses its adhesive and driving power when a slight depression occurs on its running surface. It also disrupts embedded rail guidance and this technique is not really adjustable to enclosures with sliding tracks which cannot be lifted, causing permanent difficulties.

The clearance of the slightest obstacle on the running surface of a motor drive using a carrying wheel causes the lifting of the entire side of the enclosure, provided of course that its power is sufficient to clear it, failing which one side becomes blocked, causing the deformation of the enclosure’s structure.


AKIA System’s motor drive technique with articulated arm helps clear such obstacles without affecting the regular movement of the enclosure. Choose the right swimming pool enclosure motor drive kit for your installation. If you are looking for advice, please contact us.